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Individual Therapy

Are to coping with anxiety or depression or trying to work out something in your relationship, then therapy might help with your experience of those.

In my many years of working as a psychotherapist, I have worked with many other issues like

  • past or present trauma events

  • sudden outbursts of sadness or anger

  • the need to keep a certain structure in life

  • finding it hard to concentrate or

  • feeling tired all the time

  • dealing with loss

  • adjusting to changes in life stages or circumstances

Some simple strategies taken from well-researched therapy modalities can make a big difference. For trauma work, EMDR can be very effective or for dealing with emotions some cognitive approaches like DBT are useful to consider.  Regardless of the approach, looking into the body-mind connection is a very important aspect. We all know this but often ignore the possibility that, for example, a change in breathing can change the state of mind. Who has not experienced anxious moments when the heart rate and the breathing changes. It works the other way around too, which is fabulous and gives us a bit more control over our mind. Combine some of this with an exploration of life events that impacted us and we have a good recipe for positive change.

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