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Psychotherapy can offer a deeply meaningful way to explore your questions and uncertainties in a confidential and safe environment.
Individual Therapy


Sometimes life gets difficult to cope with, or we are presented with situations or emotions that are unfamiliar and possibly painful. To get clearer on what might be going on and how to deal with it, individual psychotherapy sessions can be really useful. Two minds are better than one. For me the body and mind work together and in my work, I often focus on both.


Couples Therapy

One of the reasons couples make the step into therapy is when they realize that certain patterns of interactions get in the way of feeling close. When the couple can't find a way through this it can be a hard time for one or for both. Entering therapy is in itself a step closer to getting closer again. There are of course many other reasons why couples seek help.



Supervision as a place of reflection and learning is essential for all therapists. I have worked in private therapeutic settings and in a variety of different specialist areas in organizations, i.e. eating disorders, offending adolescents and adults, mental health, emotional dysregulation. Apart from individual work I have also trained in group work and several therapeutic models that inform my practice. 



Therapy for individuals, couples and therapy in groups support our mental wellbeing. We know that long term stress or feeling unhappy have great effects on our body - and so does happiness. Psychotherapy tends to want to understand the underlying reasons for us having strong reactions and emotions. In most cases they can be understood in hindsight of one's life path. In other words, there is a plausible explanation -it makes sense in the light of one's experience in life. To figure some of this out in the presence of a skilled therapist is a powerful healing agent. It can lead to a different perspective or attitude to what is going on in life now. It can also make it clearer what needs to shift and change for a more balanced life experience.


There are many different therapeutic approaches. Psychodynamic therapy is one of many. Therapy can be good to look back in time and unravel and understand how the past effects the present, or it can just strengthen something specific in us that the current life situation requires of us to have. In that way therapy can last from a few sessions to longer periods. Some of the other therapies are Dialectical Behavioural Therapy (DBT), Cognitive Behavioural (CBT), Mentalization Based Therapy (MBT), Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and Psychodrama. All have their place in working with a specific client on a specific issue like anxiety, depression, anger or grief to name a few.


Therapy of these kinds can have great benefits for dealing with issues in families, intimate relationships and also with issues at the workplace. Personal dynamics at workplaces can be extremely powerful in affecting our wellbeing, in good and not so good ways.


Mindfulness based therapies have gained entry into western psychology. Its potential for great benefit for many clients can not be underestimated. Just few minutes a day show clear improvements in brain function and emotional responsiveness.


Why Psychotherapy
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